30 sept. 2010

Mera Peak 6476m

Tomorrow at 6:00 am starts the adventure...

Views from the summit...

I'll be out the next 16 days.
See you!!

29 sept. 2010


This is the way nepali people welcome you everywhere: namaste.
It means...

Buddha's eyes

The eyes of Buddha represent wisdom and unity. Specially in Nepal and Tibet, Buddha's eyes are painted in every stupa (Buddhist monuments) in all four directions, symbolizing the eyes that can see everything clearly without the obstacles of the matter. Buddha's omniscient view is not an attribute of the Buddha himself, but an attribute of every person who reaches enlightenment it's the achievement of full consciousness, which is not subjected to the limitations of the physical body.

The symbol right below Buddha's eyes, the nose, represents unity and it is a reminder that everything and every living creature is a part of only one body the universal body and therefore, it is an illusion to believe that people are completely separate from each other, as there is a principle that unites them.

28 sept. 2010

Por un sueño...

Por un sueño se vive, por un sueño se trabaja... por un sueño se lucha!!
Pero un sueño tambien nos hace sufrir... el camino hasta el puede resultar complicado hasta el punto de hacernos desistir.
Esto es lo que convierte a los sueños en lo que son...

Hay gente que vive de sueños, que vive suspirando por ellos... pero que no tiene el coraje suficiente para emprenderlos, para hacerlos realidad.

Hay gente que tiene grandes sueños, que emprenden el camino y a mitad se da cuenta de que es mejor soñar que vivir los sueños.

Por ultimo, estan los que tienen un gran sueño y son capaces de todo por hacerlo realidad. Su deseo de vivirlo es mas grande que cualquier obstaculo... su capacidad de sufrimiento, mas grande que el dolor.
Su recompensa: su orgullo, satisfaccion... y su sueño.
Estos son los que se caen 7 veces y se levantan 8.
Estos son los que sueñan... pero duermen menos y viven mas.
Estos son los que convierten la busqueda de su sueño en una autentica aventura, los que hacen que el miedo sea un reto mas, una motivacion mas.
Estos son los que luchan... y acaban descubriendo uno de los autenticos milagros de la vida.

Por un sueño se lucha, se trabaja, se vive!!

"En busca de un sueño" Silvio Rodriguez

En busca de un sueño
transcurren los ríos
En busca de un sueño
se salta al vacío

23 sept. 2010

Some days in India

I've been waiting for more than a year to visit India... and here I am!! But I'm going to be in this country only for a few days, just on the way to Nepal (where a 20-days trekking is waiting for me!!).
Delhi is much more chaotic than Bangkok, so I stayed there only two nights. I have to come back there to take my flight so I will be able to visit more things.

First stop: Agra (Taj Mahal). I have been sleeping in a cheap hotel with direct sights to the Taj. First night, I was contemplating the Taj Mahal profile from my hotel's roof when suddenly the whole city became dark. No noise, no electricity... during two minutes... only me, the night and the most beautiful building of the world... waow!! Good memories...

But India didn't welcome me very well...
- Monsoon rains in Delhi made my camera get wet... and now it is not working well. I'm trying to repair it. Shit!!
- My stomach didn't like something I ate or I drank... and I started to go to the toilet every half and hour during 22 hours!! I took some medicines to stop it... At the end: 30 hours without eating anything, two more days in Agra, changing my plans to go directly to Nepal tonight but feeling quite weak.

"C'est la vie!" Not everything could be perfect in this trip. Difficulties are part of the adventure... and that is what I'm trying to live!!

20 sept. 2010

I love Phi Phi

What to say about Phi Phi island... my best days in Thailand!!

I found a cheap dorm in a "hostel" called "The Rock Backpacker" where it was impossible to sleep... but it was in that room where I started to meet people.
The next day I did the Phi Phi tour by boat to see Maya Beach (the beach of the movie "The Beach") and loads of amazing beaches and bays. At the end of the tour, a beautiful sunset was waiting for us...

By that night we already were a big group going to take some beers to the beach bars. During the next days, people left and people came... but all the days we were at least 6 people in the group. Very good memories about everybody!! I went to Phi Phi to stay 3 nights... and I stayed 5 or 6!! In fact, I was about to change my plans and go to Indonesia... but it was not possible. I could write a lot of things about these people... about the beaches... about this magical island... but I'll keep it for me!! lol!!

If someone goes to Phi Phi, please let me know... I may go with you!!

11 sept. 2010

Krabi and its closest islands

I found that the landscape around Krabi and its islands is the typical one in Thailand... or at least this is like I have imagined this country...
Better to describe it it would be to show you some pictures!!

Thai food in Krabi town: baked sea food and noodles...

Our boat for the tour was not a speed boat... or yes?? What do you think about the size of the engine and the way to navigate with it??

In that tour I met a lovely Chinese woman, Gloria. After the tour she made me taste some spicy food... waow!! I didn't feel my lips!!

Some other nice pictures...

Simulating psyco bloc (free climbing)!!!

10 sept. 2010

Kho Phangan island

You all may know this island because of the "full moon party". It is known to be the greatest beach party in Thailand... but it is only once a month and I will not be in this country for any "full moon". Ohhhh...

However, there is something that I liked so much: renting motorbikes and visiting the furthest beaches on the island!! Isolated beaches with three or four people... old roads with holes or pahts in mud... a little adventure during three days!!

It was great to meet a lovely couple from Bilbao: German and Iratxe. We could do a lot of things together: party on the "full moon party" beach, tasting good thai food and driving motorbikes on the craziest roads I've ever seen!! Thanks my friends!!

And the last days... it was very nice to spend time with two swiss girls: Janine and Isabelle. One day driving from one beach to another, some time in our resort... and the most important thing: the "black moon party"!! They have introduced me to "Goa" music. If you want to listen to one example of this kind of music, click on the following link:

Finally, you can see here some nice pictures...

Our best friends wherever we went... the dogs!! jajaja!!

Final task while constructing roads... women are incredible in all the cultures!!

Rain may come in five minutes... or less!!

and some others picures!!

4 sept. 2010

Advanced diver!!

I'm so sorry... I haven't written anything for several days. But I had a good reason... I have been dving ALL the time!!

Location: Koh Tao island (Thailand)
Resort: Crystal Dive

First, I did the PADI Open Water course. Theoretical classes combined with practical exercises in swimming pool, final exam... and four open waer dives with a maximum depth of 18m. It was great to meet Alejandro in this course!!

And there were also Bjorn, Tom, Konstantine (german guys) and James (english guy).

Diving is like a drug... it's amazing!! Imagine... 30 degrees waters, great corals and fishes as in the documentaries!! It was so good that I decided to keep on diving... to get the PADI Advanced Open Water!! It was great to share this experience with the german guys!! Thank you guys for speaking english all the time!!
More theoretical test and later... five open water dives in 24 hours!! Maximum depth of 27.1 meters!! not so bad, isn't it?? yeaahh!!
At the end we were exhausted... but pretty happy!! Good memories and good pictures like these ones...
let's go diving!!!