31 jul. 2010

Stone mountain

Astonishing landscape! One granite rock in the middle of nothing... it was said that it was the biggest granite rock in the world!! (but it is not...)

Wikipedia says: "the dome of Stone Mountain was formed during the formation of the Blue Ridge Mountains, part of the Appalachian Mountains. It formed as a result of the upwelling of magma from within the Earth's crust. This magma solidified to form "granite" within the crust five to ten miles below the surface."

At the top of this rock:

28 jul. 2010

Plans in Atlanta...

There is always something amazing to do everyday!! And plans are being very "american"... I really feel as if I had been living here for a while!!
Thanks Kate!!
Thanks to Kate's friends!!

For example, we went to see a baseball game in first line places!! Unfortunately, after 4 hours playing the Atlanta Braves lost the game...

Don't think that I'm all the time in the swimming pool... I have also visited he city!! The center, the underground Atlanta, the olympic park, etc.

Other amazing plans were: tubing in the chattahoochee river, going to Six Flags (a roller coaster park), taking brunch in a popular bar, seeing a kickball match, barbecues, restaurants, bars... maybe more pictures later!!

26 jul. 2010

El alquimista

Si tu corazon tiene miedo, explicale que el miedo a sufrir es peor que el propio sufrimiento y que ningun corazon jamas sufrio cuando fue en busca de sus suegnos...

Nice song in the following video: Sting - Desert Rose

22 jul. 2010

NY city

I found that NY is the concept of a city... till the extremum!! A city squared!! Definitively, it's worth walking around its streets... this city beats strongly!! so huge, so busy, so alive...
First thing that I did when I arrived there was going up to the empire state building!! And the next day I visited the liberty island... I don't know how many pictures I could take of the statue of liberty!! lol!! Besides, I could visit: times square, broadway street, 5th avenue, central park, st patricks cathedral, brooking and manhattan bridges, chinatown, etc, etc, etc.

However, I would never live in such a huge city... the larger cities I visit, the more I like Pamplona or Toulouse!!

17 jul. 2010

Washington DC

After 20 hours in two buses, I arrived in DC... exhausted!! The good news are that Nate (Kate's friend and a very nice guy) was waiting for me! I took a revitalizing shover and he showed me DC at night... voila the Capitol building!!

The whole next day I was visiting the main buildings and museums... nice day, but a little bit strange... it was my first day doing tourism alone!!
Me and the Lincoln memorial...

The Washington monument... (american flags everywhere!!)

15 jul. 2010

Different ways to learn english...

In the swimming pool?? ... Why not?

Driving a "mustang" and having fun with Kate's friends?? ... Why not?

Which one do you prefer??

Convinced that there are much more ways to learn english, this evening I take a bus to go to DC and NY!! (38 hours by bus in 5 days!!)
So, more photos very soon...

14 jul. 2010

Blueberry muffins for breakfast!!

What to say... I get up this morning and I find this...

Forty hours from pamplona to atlanta... sleeping only in the planes (and not much)... the adventure has started!!! I had already met new people... it's impossible to be alone if you don't want to!! Exhausted... yesterday evening I was exhausted!!
Special souvenirs about the night at the airport of madrid!!
During the next three weeks I'll be doing the amazing plans that my friend has prepared for me!!! So, just holidays... relax, american plans, swimming pool, sun and learning english!!

8 jul. 2010

Alpes expedition

First peak: pic de la grave.

Second peak: dôme de neige des écrins.